Sunday 19 June 2016

It Is The Barrie Allandale Show

Our first inclination was to post regularly on the status of the series by writing making-of pieces and uploading video clips.

It's better to unleash Barrie when he and his show are ready.

There have been great delays -- as evidenced by the dates attached to the previous postings on this blog -- but 'things' are beginning to come together.

The speed-bumps, or overly convenient parking spots, which is probably more apt a description, should make for a better product.

The target date is some day in this coming September.

Thursday 21 March 2013

Notes The Barrie Allandale Show Episode Names

The previously unnamed first two episodes of The Barrie Allandale Show now have working titles; "Spector of the Gun" and "The Frenemy Within".

Even though they are being produced in the above order, it's possible these two episodes will be screened later in the series' run.

Sometime in the near future we'll post a brief background on the show concept and its genesis.

Needless to say we don't want to give away too much information before there is a series of some kind, but we'll drop notes now and again.

I designed the The Barrie Allandale Show logo in 2012. No doubt I will modify it before the show is done.

Monday 4 March 2013

Welcome to "The Barrie Allandale Show" blog

Welcome to the blog for the new (in preproduction) vid-series "The Barrie Allandale Show". Stay tuned for future postings on anything we feel is of interest.

The Barrie Allandale Show

Production company: 626 Productions
Status: In preproduction
Program type:  variety / comedy
Program length: 21 minutes
Recording format: electronic

Show Host: Barrie Allandale

Creator & Producer: Simon St. Laurent
Writer: Simon St. Laurent, and various
Director: various
Programming consultant: Greg Woods

Special thanks: John Thompson

Contact: (modified: June 19, 2016)